These online practices are best for car insurance companies trying to sign up drivers

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If you own a car in the United States, you better have car insurance. Car insurance is compulsory in every state except for New Hampshire, and even there the consequences of getting into an accident without insurance can be disastrous for your wallet. With every auto-owner in America in need of insurance, WUA set out to find what car insurance companies are doing best to attract customers online.

For this Digital Sales Scan, respondents were instructed to imagine that they would like to get car insurance for their new car. The respondents were free to go online and find an insurance plan from any company that best fits their needs. Let’s take a look at what online practices impressed the respondents of our study most.

Liberty Mutual assures the customer of a swift, easy process in advance

Finding the right car insurance plan is more of a chore than it is anything else, so it helps to make the experience of getting insurance seem as painless as possible. This is something Liberty Mutual does well. No matter which car insurance website you go to, you will always be met with a ‘Get a Quote’ page that starts by asking for your zip code. What makes Liberty Mutual stand out is the texts and icons they have displayed on the lower-middle part of this page.

The Boston-based company, which ranked top of the list when it came to the look & feel of their website, tells drivers in advance what to expect when getting a car insurance quote online. Customer are assured beforehand that the questions they will be asked are simple, that the quote will be accurate, and that it will take under 10 minutes to complete. On top of that, potential customers are also told they can return later if they’re not ready to purchase. The accompanying icons help to convey that message, and encourages car-owners to go ahead with getting a quote.

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Step by step: State Farm provides a clear overview of the entire process

While Liberty Mutual left the most welcoming first impression on their website, State Farm was ranked best when it comes to getting customers to continue getting a quote on their website. One of the main reasons is that State Farm displays the eight steps that must be completed before getting a quote. At the same time, the site also displays the progress drivers are making when filling in the necessary information.

State Farm also takes a proactive approach during the quote process. Based on the address that the respondent punches in, State Farm displays the automobiles already registered at that address and offers a bundle insurance plan. The respondents of our study proved to be pleased by State Farm’s overview of the whole process, with a remarkable 89% of our respondents continuing forward on the website after first arriving to it.

Geico reels in customers with a good deal

A nice website will attract potential customers, but when it comes to car insurance, drivers simply want a good deal. In our study, Geico didn’t finish atop the rankings for the look & feel of their website, nor did they finish best in terms of brand. What Geico did rank best in was product offer, finishing with a score of 82.


According to, customers of Geico have an average quote of $1,297 a year. Progressive customers on the other hand have an average quote of $2,821 per year. That’s more than double the price of Geico. The difference in price may be a key factor why respondents ranked Progressive, which finished highest in terms of findability, behind Geico in the category of preference. Geico’s low rates may also explain why the company finished best in this Digital Sales Scan.

WUA’s Digital Sales Scan

While our Digital Sales Scan displays a number of superb practices that other insurance companies should emulate on their own websites, there are many other insights we can extract from the data. WUA independently measures the customer journey of online markets to discover who provides the best online customer experience and the best practices across industries. Based on this data, WUA’s digital experts can create a custom-tailored report for your website to improve the customer journey step-by-step.

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