Smartphones & wireless plans: where do customers flock to for the best online customer experience?

By |2018-05-31T21:11:13+00:00May 30th, 2018| has become a serial winner of WUA’s benchmark studies of the US telecom industry. Both the Smartphone + Plan study from last October and the Sim-only study from March saw finish atop the rankings. Now the question is whether or not they’ll win again.

If you take a look at the list of websites that are featured in this research, you’ll notice that the list includes telecom providers like AT&T and Verizon as well as OEMs like Apple and Samsung. While these OEMs may not offer phone contracts themselves, they do offer the option for consumers to buy a new phone and connect with a telecom provider for a contract via their website. Consumers are starting to take this route instead of going directly to wireless providers, a sign that consumers are becoming more concerned with buying the latest smartphone than they are with signing up for a phone contract. This study will shine some light on how telecom providers and OEMs are competing against one another for a limited supply of customers.

Smartphone + Plan: Respondents will search on their own terms

The 300 respondents will be above the age of 18 and will be a demographic representation of the general population of the US. They will be free to use any method to find the smartphone with contract that best suits their needs, whether it be through a comparison website or by going directly to an online wireless provider. As is the case with most of our studies, respondents will evaluate 3 to 4 websites throughout their customer journey.

Half the respondents in our study will search using their desktop while the other half will search via their smartphones. A recent study from J.D. Power  found that smartphones are becoming the preferred channel from which consumers buy smartphones, so it will be of interest to see how the scores differ for respondents on desktops versus respondents on smartphones.

See how your website performs relative to the competition

Are you a wireless provider? Are you an OEM that connects directly with a carrier? This smartphone + plan study will offer valuable market insights about your website’s performance (on desktop as well as mobile), such as: findability, conversion, preference, and detailed information about how consumers perceive the Look & Feel of your website, your Product Offer, and your Brand… compared to the competition. Furthermore, WUA’s validated model can show which changes in the customer journey will drive conversion the most. Questions our study will provide answers to for example are:

How often is your website found, and how quickly? Via a search engine or organically, and how can you use this information to improve your findability?

How many visitors of your website continue after having formed a first impression, and, if they drop out: why? If they continue, how do they experience your website when they take a further look? How do they experience the order process?

How can you improve your website’s Look and Feel, your Product Offer and the way in which it is presented on your website, and your brand perception?

Market Churn and Brand Loyalty

In addition to our regular insights, we will analyse what smartphone brands potential customers are buying, and how many customers are switching providers and brands. We will also gather insights into consumers’ preferred purchase channel. For example: do they prefer to buy online or do they rather purchase in-store?

The ultimate KPI

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is an invaluable measure that displays how well your company is doing in achieving its online goals. Using data from our own research, we can calculate the ultimate KPI for your company that can expose the weaknesses and identify the strengths of your company website. Best of all, the scores that form your KPI are based on numerous customer experience themes that make it easy to compares your company’s scores with the competition. Combine this with concrete recommendations from our team of market experts, and you have the ultimate tool for increasing your conversion.

Expected Performers

Based on previous research by WUA, we expect the following companies to be found and ranked among those providing the best online customer experience journeys.

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