Upcoming study will explore the online market for SIM only wireless plans

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In the United States, it’s commonplace to buy a new smartphone and sign up for a mobile plan in a bundle deal. But what if your monthly plan is coming to an end and your smartphone is working perfectly fine? What if you have no need to be up to date with the latest technology and simply want a flexible plan that gives you the minutes, texts and data you need each month. Well if that’s the case, the best option is to sign up for a SIM only or Bring-Your-Own-Device plan.

A SIM only plan provides you with the minutes, texts, and data you need in return for a monthly fee, but does not come bundled with a phone. Opting for a SIM only plan allows for flexibility as the plans can work on a month-to-month basis or annual. Plus, without the phone in the equation, SIM only plans are generally cheaper than phone+plan contracts. SIM only plans are rising in popularity due to the flexibility and frugality, which is why WUA is going to conduct a study into the US market for SIM only plans.

Respondents will be searching for a SIM only plan

WUA will be measure the online SIM only market by asking 300 respondents to go on their smartphones and complete the following task:

“Imagine that your phone subscription is coming to an end. The phone you have however still meets your needs and can accept sim cards from any carrier (“sim lock free”). Go online and look for a new Sim Only plan.”

300 respondents chosen for this study are a demographic representation of the US population. All the respondents will be using their smartphones to look for the SIM only plan that best suits their needs. SIM only plans also include Bring Your Own Device plans, which companies like AT&T and Verizon offer. The respondents will be free to use any method they want when looking for a plan, whether it’s through a search engine or going directly to a preferred website. Their previous browser history, cookies and cache will affect their customer experiences. This allows WUA to benchmark the US market and to discover:

– Which websites do consumers find online?
– Who provides the best digital customer experience?
– What are the industry’s best practices online?
– Who do consumers prefer most? And, why?

The potential consumers give us feedback as they walk through each website based on our different customer experience themes as seen in WUA’s validated Digital Sales Model. They will continue until the point that they can choose or buy a sim only plan without taking it out. After evaluating 3 to 4 websites, respondents tell us which website they prefer for a sim only plan. We also ask what about their 2nd and 3rd favorite choice, and ask them what those websites would have to do to become their 1st choice.

See how your website performs relative to the competition

Do you provide SIM only plans online? This study will offer valuable market insights about your website’s performance (on desktop as well as mobile), such as: findability, conversion, preference, and detailed information about how consumers perceive the Look & Feel of your website, your Product Offer, and your Brand… compared to the competition. Furthermore, WUA’s validated model can show which changes in the customer journey will drive conversion the most. Questions our study will provide answers to for example are:

– How often is your website found, and how quickly? Via a search engine or organically, and how can you use this information to improve your findability?
– How many visitors of your website continue after having formed a first impression, and, if they drop out: why?
– If they continue, how do they experience your website when they take a further look? How do they experience the order process?
– How can you improve your website’s Look and Feel, your Product Offer and the way in which it is presented on your website, and your brand perception?

The ultimate KPI

The Digital Sales Scan offers the ultimate KPI to measure the online customer experience, which can be used to set priorities and determine backlogs. The way in which these scores are calculated makes it possible to easily compare websites both quantitatively and qualitatively, as well as different industries and countries. The impact of changes to your website can be measured immediately and continually in order to expose weaknesses and strengths. Our expert analysis and recommendations will give you the ultimate tool to help increase your online conversion!

A triangulation of the customer feedback with our in-house digital experts provides a report with concrete recommendations for your website and in- and out-of-industry best practices.

Expected Performers

Based on previous research by WUA, we expect the following companies to be found and ranked among those providing the best online customer experience journeys. This is not an exhaustive list of the market; companies are listed alphabetically.

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Expected Performers

Based on previous research by WUA, we expect the following companies to be found and ranked among those providing the best online customer experience journeys. This is not an exhaustive list of the market; companies are listed alphabetically.

Ivar Laanen

Ivar Laanen is a Digital Sales Analyst at WUA. He searches through the benchmark research results to find golden nuggets to improve the online customer experience.