Usability Research Summer Offer

Usability Research with a special discount in July and August. Keep improving your business during those quiet summer months and finish the day with a boat trip through the Amsterdam Canals!

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The Best Summer Team Activity

We offer our usability tests with a special discount in July and August, so you can keep improving your business or prep for a busy fall even during those quiet summer months! On top of this, we will give teams the opportunity to hop on our WUA boat for a ride on the Amsterdam canals at the end of a usability research day.

  • Now from € 6,500 for € 5,500 per usability research-day

  • Guidance of two usability experts throughout the entire usability project
  • Recruitment of high quality participants (N=6)
  • Gather rich qualitative feedback on an online journey from (potential) clients
  • Next-Actions Workshop: From observations to conclusions to actual next steps!
  • Canal Boat trip with the entire team on our own WUA Boat (drinks and refreshments included)

Book your Usability day for July or Augustus, before the 9th of August.

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This is what a Usability Day looks like

While one of our senior researchers studies the user experience with the respondents, the client together with a second usability expert views and listens to this through our live feed, in our monitoring room. Both usability experts are heavily involved in the research, and formulate points of action together with the client in our action workshop at the end of the day.

Recruitment of respondents is done through an external agency that is specialized in recruiting respondents for qualitative Usability research. We’ll select the ideal respondents based on criteria formulated by the client. Our 2 Usability experts give their advice.

Usability Monitoring Room

Your team, along with our senior Usability experts, will translate feedback from your customers into concrete solutions and actions. You will leave with results on the very same day.

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A Selection of Our Clients

A Selection of our clients