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Usability Research

Gain insight into the user-friendliness of your website or app

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Gain insight into the user-friendliness of your website or app

Qualitative usability research provides insight into the user-friendliness of your website or application. You probably recognize one of these situations: your Google Analytics show that a sufficient number of visitors enter your website, but it’s unclear why they disengage; your customer service line receives a high number of calls about information that can be found on the website; you have a new website and you’re not certain whether it suits the target audience. Thanks to qualitative usability research, you can find out exactly what happens on your website.

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See exactly what respondents look at thanks to eye tracking technology

How does the consumer experience your company online? During a usability day, 6 to 8 people visit your website. These respondents are specifically selected to fit your target audience (e.g. seniors, business clients, specific professional groups such as nurses). While our Senior researcher studies the user experience with the respondents, you can view the process live from our fully-equipped monitoring room.

What does a usability study at WUA include?

  • 6 to 8 consumers per usability day (including business clients)
  • Suitable for websites on desktop, mobile, and applications
  • Exclusively at WUA: a usability expert that views the study along with you, provides advice, best practices, and keeps up the energy in the team.
  • Instant results by ending the day with an action workshop with concrete plans
  • (Optional) video images of all sessions including eye tracking data
  • (Optional) elaborate report with the study’s results, concrete recommendations, and Best Practices for your problem from other markets
I learned more about our website in 1 day than in a whole year of meetings with experts
“Good insight into how the customer actually experiences our web environment. Educational!”
“At Liander, we want to make things as easy as possible for our customers. Especially in our online services. But why do we still receive so many calls? To find out, we regularly organize usability studies with real customers.

Using the eye tracking method, we see how the customer behaves on our website. And that consistently leads to new, sometimes surprising insights that we can immediately work with. We can usually really press ahead with the usability results. The management, after all, also sees how our customers experience the website. And the customer’s always right.”

Maurice Jacobs, Liander

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