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Usability Research

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Improve your website by listening to your customer

You probably recognize one of these situations: your Google Analytics data shows that a sufficient number of visitors enter your website, but it’s unclear why they disengage; your customer service line receives a high number of calls about information that can be found on the website; you have a new website and you’re not certain whether it suits the target audience. Whether you either want to discover all bottlenecks on your website or you want to simply test some new features, we believe you must listen to your customer in order to efficiently improve your website or to make a final decision on what is the best new feature.

From simple research idea to actionable insights

During a usability day, 6 to 8 participants visit your website. These respondents are specifically selected to fit your target audience. While our usability researcher studies the user experience with the participant in our Usability Lab, you and your team can watch the interview via a live stream in our Observation Room. After all 6 to 8 interviews are conducted, we will end the day with a workshop so you and your team know which steps to take in order to tackle all encountered bottlenecks of the customer journey.

Detecting bottlenecks by making use of awesome tooling

Experience what customers look at and what they feel with some help of our tools:

Usability Research at WUA: What’s in it for you?

  • 6 to 8 individual in-depth interviews of 50 minutes

  • Multi-device research (desktop and mobile)

  • Live-Stream that connects our Usability Lab with the Observation Room

  • Space for teams up to 15 people: watch, learn, discuss freely with each other and fix bottlenecks real-time!

  • Guidance of two Senior Usability Experts throughout the entire research project

  • Next-Steps Workshop facilitated by our Usability Experts

  • Video recordings

  • (Optional) Customer Insights Report (including the study’s results, concrete recommendations, the outcome of the workshop and Best Practices of similar challenges of companies in other markets)

  • (Optional) Short after movie of the highlights of all interviews

  • (Optional) Presentation of all usability insights at your office

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