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What makes us unique?

WUA empowers its international clients to sell more online. Achieve higher customer satisfaction ánd increase user experience and conversion rates by focusing on the consumer perspective. We believe in benchmarking customer journeys. Because “customer experience” is never a stand-alone entity, you need to keep track on the competition in order to improve faster, lead the market and be the best in the digital arena. Since the very beginning of WUA a decade ago, we lived up to our mission: building the biggest and best digital customer experience benchmark of the world. We’ll continue to do so in the coming decades, together with our highly skilled team of digital professionals, our clients and our partners!

Why should you run your CX-Research with WUA?

There are a lot of good reasons to start with digital experience benchmarking. In fact, we believe listening to your customers is an ongoing process and that you should listen to your customer as much as you can (afford). Find a few solid reasons to run CX-benchmark research with WUA below:

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How our customers benefit from working with us

With every research we do we build on our goal of extending and optimizing the WUA benchmark. We generate best practices, learn more about what works best on smartphone, analyze product offers and order process flows. All based on feedback of potential customers, not on assumptions or on gut feeling.

As our client you benefit from this customer based feedback with quantitative scores that give direction over time, with qualitative insights that bring the voice of your customer into your organization and with prioritizing your website’s biggest CX-improvements for maximum impact. Our expert digital researchers are real workshop hero’s: they’ll give your team the energy AND the tools to improve your customer experience.

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