WUA awarded 5 stars in Emerce100

Matthijs van den Broek

“It is good to see that WUA’s services are highly valued. Together with our customers, we are building the best and largest digital CX Benchmark in the world. This position in the Emerce100 ranking encourages our team to do even better every day.”

Matthijs van den Broek, Head of Though Leadership

Make it to the top with us: we can help you realize digital success with benchmarked customer insights to increase your digital sales & service.

WUA empowers its international clients to sell more online, achieve higher customer satisfaction and increase user experience and conversion rates by focusing on the consumer perspective.

We believe in benchmarking: “customer experience” is never a stand-alone entity, you need to keep track on the competition in order to improve faster, lead the market and be the best in the digital arena.

Why should you run your CX-Research with WUA?

There are a lot of good reasons to start with digital experience benchmarking. In fact, we believe listening to your customers is an ongoing process and that you should listen to your customer as much as you can (afford). Find few solid reasons to run CX-benchmark research with WUA below:

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In Emerce100, decision-makers in the online industry assess the performance of service providers, divided into dozens of categories. This year, 759 companies were assessed. The 5-star rating consists of four criteria, namely: knowledge/know-how, price-quality ratio, reliability, and flexibility.

These criteria have each been given a rating on a 7-point scale, where 1 means very poor and 7 means very good. The ranking shows companies that have been rated by at least 12 respondents.

Visit the Emerce100 website (Dutch)