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For the 14th year in a row, Het Financieele Dagblad is hunting for the FD Gazellen (FD Gazelles): the fastest growing Dutch companies. Good news: in 2017, WUA is amongst the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands, and therefore holds the title of FD Gazelle. Of course, we’re very happy with this and very proud!

It’s the second celebration at WUA’s office, for last week we were named as the most vital company in North Holland (Vitaalste Bedrijf van Noord-Holland), which means we’re through to the national finals. Klaas Kroezen, co-founder and CEO of WUA about this “double”:

“Last week we showed how fit we are, now we’re also rewarded for the business results that go with a healthy company! We’re very proud that years of work with laser sharp focus on the Digital Sales Scan and delivering quality to our customers is awarded with a FD Gazelle. The growth we’re experiencing is first of all thanks to our customers and our team of digital professionals. An increasing number of companies use the Digital Sales Scan as KPI for digital, in The Netherlands and internationally.”

WUA Vitaalste Bedrijf van Noord Holland

Pieter van den Hoogenband congratulates the WUA team on winning Vitaalste Bedrijf van Noord-Holland.

First the “who”, then the “what”

In order to realize growth as a company, we believe that you need to grow as a person. Everyone hele shares that conviction, and was hired based on that. It’s one of the success factors for setting up a successful team, first the “who”, then the “what”: if you match on a personal level, cultural-fit and dream ambition, a meaningful and valuable fulfilment of the role itself will follow. And, almost anything can be learned! The fact that we are able to grow rapidly in The Netherlands and abroad, as the fd.Gazelle title proves, is a confirmation for the entire team that this belief really works. Meet our team of digital professionals.

Anything for the customer

We are pleased with the trust that customers give us, we owe our growth to them, as well as the team. One of our oldest strategies is ‘Raving Fans’, which means we always do everything to give our customers a fantastic experience. We believe that, as a company, you need to deliver a lot of value so customers will be truly happy, right now and in the long run. Customers rate WUA with a customer satisfaction of 8.7 out of 10. We are happy with it, but it is not quite where we want to be yet. Our goal is 9+, so despite the good result, we also know that we need to improve. Fantastic customers we love working for every day include ABN AMRO, Achmea, American Express, Barclays, CZ, KLM, Liander, Samsung, Shell, TomTom, and Vodafone. Read more about us and our customers.

Research in 15 countries

Currently, WUA is doing research in 15 countrries, and locally as well as abroad WUA has 75 employees, including freelancers. Last month, Bo-Peter Laanen, Chwhynny Overbeeke and Felix Laumanns joined our team as New Business Managers for the United States, Great Britain, and Germany. At the beginning of 2018, WUA will celebrate its 10-year anniversary, and we expect to be doing research in 20 countries by then.

Digital KPI for boardrooms

Without our customers and our team, we would never have realized this growth or received an fd.Gazelle Award. Together with our customers, we at WUA are building the world’s best and largest digital customer experience benchmark. Our core product, the Digital Sales Scan, is increasingly being used as the KPI for digital in the boardroom: a measurement tool that maps the progress and quality of digital customer experience.

About the FD Gazellen 2017

fd.Gazellen is about revenue growth and long-term growth, and is an initiative of Het Financieele Dagblad, which offers an annually recurring award to the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands. Every year, FD selects the companies with the fastest revenue growth per province. These companies then go through to the national finals to win the grand prize.